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In-depth intelligence allows corporations to obtain deep understanding of issues’ background, leading to broader range of options to take. This is a great advantage in various aspects of management such as business strategy formation, negotiation, and litigation.

Media Gain “BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SERVICES” team is equipped with expert staff well acquainted with economic, social, political, diplomatic, and technical issues in both domestic and overseas market. Their examination and analysis of information, taking into account various factors including cultural background, allows us to provide counsel with well thought out solutions and directions for problem solving.

We have a broad information gathering network covering political, economic, and social spheres. By examining and analyzing the following factors, we will build a high level business intelligence framework.

① Business environment (Internal; domestic and overseas industry;
     competition; government; and market)
② Social environment (Political trend; economic climate; and social trend)
③ Corporation (Reputation; and media tone analysis and evaluation)
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