Media Gain Co., Ltd. (the “CompanyE hereby establishes and publishes the Privacy Policy pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, to ensure the appropriate handling and protection of personal information as described below:

1. Policy Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

The company complies with the laws and regulations concerning protection of Personal Information including the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information, various guidelines and policies issued by the competent ministries and recognized personal information protection organizations, and this Privacy Policy.

2. Using Personal Information

The Company will not make use of Personal Information obtained for the purposes other than the purposes that were originally intended.

3. Security Control Measures

To prevent leakage, etc. of personal data collected from clients, the Company implements necessary and appropriate safety control measures and carries out appropriate supervision of officers and employees.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Unless based on the provisions of laws and regulations, the Company shall not provide third parties with any Personal Information without obtaining clientsEconsent.

5. Procedure for Disclosure of Information

The Company shall respond to any requests submitted by clients concerning disclosure, correction, addition, deletion etc. based on the provisions and regulations.

6. Handling of Complaints

The Company strives to respond promptly and faithfully to the complaints received from clients concerning the handling of personal information including security control measures of personal information. Please forward your complaint and concerns to the following hotline at the Company.

Katsumasa S Ogawa
Chief Executive Officer
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17 February 2014
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