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After the turn of the century, the social, economic, and political aspects of the world are changing in an unprecedented rate. These changes are so rapid that what used to take a decade now only takes a few years. Today, corporations are strongly urged to identify changes in its environment, swiftly draw blueprint for transformation and implement actions to enhance their corporate values.

For the past 20 years, Media Gain has grown alongside the transformation of Japanese economy, by tackling hands-on with various cases such as business recovery, M&A, and risk management.

While providing counsel to each of the projects we supported, we continued to ask ourselves “what lies in the core of the adaptability to business transformation?” By sorting out issues and problems in cases such as Japanese corporations’ overseas expansion and foreign corporations’ entry into Japanese market, we have come to identify a keyword.

It is the lack of focus on “INTELLIGENCE” in both thinking and actions. Because of the lack of focus on intelligence, Japanese corporations, in comparison with foreign corporations, often tend to miss opportunities and lag behind.

In too many occasions, Japanese corporations act without objective view of business intelligence. This happens not only in overseas market, but also in domestic market and within the organization as well.

With the improvement of systems, governance and compliance, corporations have made progress in the past decade. However, the lack of understanding and possible misunderstanding of “INTELLIGENCE” have in many cases led corporations to freeze their actions. As a result, more and more corporations in various industries suffer from missed opportunities to recover trust, or to regenerate itself.

In this fluid environment, a corporation’s business domains are bound to constantly change. We will continue to focus our efforts in providing advisory and support services in “RISK MANAGEMENT” and “BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE” that are prerequisite in adapting to this fluid environment.
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